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WANDER is not just a brand, it is a dynamic in its own right, between creation, know-how around the world, between Paris, the style and the talent of multi-ethnic craftsmen.


I grew up in  an environment where imagination and instinct had their place.

I have no training, I learned by doing, at 16 I entered the workforce, with somewhere this energy of "everything to gain nothing to lose".

I can simply see that there is, as the main common thread, creation: the performing arts, the cinema, then more recurrently various projects around clothing, lingerie, children's clothing, and finally, what better way to move forward. ! ;) shoes.

What I will remember from my life course in general, personal and professional, the beauty and strength of certain encounters, what could be more precious and alive than an emotion?  

And perseverance.



What does Wander mean to you?


The fulfillment of all my wishes together: to be able to create, transform, defend "know-how" around the world, make accessible the noble beauty of craftsmanship, still too reserved for luxury.



Where are we going with your shoes on?

Above all go where you want! And it is not necessarily the easiest choice ...



You offer a collection of shoes and accessories in braided leather,  how did this choice come about?


  It is  above all, the pleasure of wearing shoes with bare feet… special contact with the skin, and I have always been a little fascinated by braiding, this kind of dance that intertwines ties.

Finally, braiding is often expressed by an image that is too classic or too "roots", I wanted to use this material in the service of a "French" collection, chic and relaxed, turned towards adventure. , hence the name of this line: "Paris - Paradise".



The perfect shoe for you? What do you really care about when you create a model?  


A harmonious line, a pleasant fit.

I find it hard to believe in uncomfortable elegance, how to give the best of us under the constraint of a too high heel, a too flat arch, a hot foot, a compressive fit?

  The model will not necessarily be "spectacular",  I just hope it will allow for a singular allure, yours, the desire here is not to fade behind a design that is too overwhelming, but simply to reveal your personal allure.

For me, woman  Wander remains queen, an elegant and somewhat gypsy queen ...



Your specifications / Your motivations  ?


Stay accessible while remaining different.

Support Handicrafts.

Create synergies.

Maintain a unique style, while re-inventing yourself.


Why India for this collection?  

Today we are in India for the creation of this line of footwear, tomorrow Africa, Japan, France, Morocco, Ireland to put in matter, thanks to the craftsmanship, other inspirations.

Historically India is the most experienced country for hand braiding, very meticulous, the result is still different than machine braiding, there is more flexibility, movement.


Next destinations for future collections?


I don't know yet, but I would like Africa and the Nordics a lot.  

There will also be “made in France”, but I don't make it an obsession, I like working with craftsmen, whose quality of work and know-how is respected, regardless of the “territory”. Generally speaking, I don't like to give in to this "collective good conscience", which can sometimes create a lack of openness.

Manufacture is a dynamic in its own right, between creation, know-how around the world, between Paris and his vision of style and the talent of artisans from all walks of life. ​ What does Manufacture mean to you? Create, transform, defend “know-how” around the world, make the nobility of craftsmanship accessible, still too exclusive, the meetings, the unknown. And above all the transmission. ​ What would Manufacture’s added value be? ​ Let's say that my ambitions today are closer to the values of the solidarity economy where ethics places people rather than profit at the center of its operations. A strong offering in product creation, partner workshops on a human scale. ​ ​The perfect collaboration for you? Collaborate with “houses, brands, creators, workshops, for which interpersonal skills have their place. Partners who are sensitive to creation. ​ Your desires? Remain accessible while remaining different. Support craftsmanship. Create synergies. Create, re-invent ​ Set up a “solidarity” workshop focused on excellent craftsmanship. ​ ​ Elodie Bruno ​ ​

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